Best Food After Midnight

Cook Out in Burlington offers more than 40 flavors of hand-spun milkshakes, in addition to comfort food such as fries, hot dogs and hamburgers. [Oliver Fischer | Staff Photographer]

1. Cookout

Cook Out was voted the best late-night dining option in Elon News Network’s 2017 Best Of Edition.

The fast food chain has restaurants in 10 states spread across the Southeast and is renowned for its more than 40 flavors of hand-spun milkshakes and “outdoor-style” cooking. Customers can get backyard favorites such as chargrilled burgers, hot dogs and fried chicken.

Being open until 3 a.m. every night is also an added bonus.

“Cookout is cheap quick and greasy,” said junior Jon Leach. “That’s why it’s the best option.”

“Cook Out continually serves fresh food,” said the Burlington Cookout’s manager, who did not release her name. “We constantly try to make the best food possible.”

Best Bar

The Fat Frogg offers not only food and drinks, but also live music. [Caroline Brehman | Photo Editor]

1. The Fat Frogg Bar and Grill

“Being a restaurant guy, a musician, a local guy and a professor at Elon, it doesn’t get much more perfect than that.”

Jason Thomas, adjunct instructor in wellness, is the newest owner of The Fat Frogg Bar and Grill. He took over the restaurant and bar in June 2017.

Thomas used to own Burlington franchise La Fiesta before coming to Froggs. He played music at the bar several times over the years, so the opportunity seemed perfect for him.

Live music and trivia is a staple at The Fat Frogg. For senior Alex Lang, it’s a place where the Elon community comes together.

“The trivia offers a fun activity for people to compete in while still socializing,” said Lang. “It’s a cool place where people from all different organizations can get together. I love seeing all my friends in one place at once.”

While Lang feels like everyone is her own age, Thomas says it’s not just students at the bar.

“That’s the balance here at the Frogg, the local versus the college crowd. It’s like two tidal waves going back and forth a lot of the times.”

Moving forward, Thomas actually wants people to think of The Fat Frogg as more of a restaurant than a bar. He says to look out for special meals showcasing local farms’ produce.